Who we are?

Based on its proprietary LentiFlash® technology and Vectalys manufacturing platform, the company has potential to enable and advance the development of treatments mediated by RNA and DNA delivery for a broad range of diseases, including cancer, infectious disease and genetic diseases.

About us dyptiques

Flash Therapeutics combines Vectalys’ & FlashCell’s skills and assets

  • Founded as a result of the technology and know-how accumulated over 13 years at Vectalys, Flash Therapeutics is the merging of Vectalys & FlashCell skills and assets including the manufacturing platform and the LentiFlash® new concept RNA delivery technology.
  • Flash Therapeutics completes Vectalys lentiviral-based research & bioproduction capabilities currently dedicated to discovery and preclinical uses with a GMP manufacturing platform dedicated to clinical use. 
  • The lentiviral and the LentiFlash® delivery tools used in our research programs have been designed and manufactured using Vectalys’ cutting-edge proprietary platform that has been validated through strong preclinical testing on stem and primary cells.
  • Vectalys, as the manufacturing platform of Flash Therapeutics, is engaged in a GMP lentiviral particle program that will be fully operational at the beginning in 2019 in scalable GMP facilities through a signed, three-year partnership with Hospital Saint-Louis, Lariboisière, Fernand Widal (Assistance Public Hospitals of Paris AP-HP) to develop and produce gene and cell therapy drugs.
Flash Therapeutics the merging of Vectalys and FlashCell

Flash Therapeutics is advancing two business lines:

  • Development and manufacturing support to companies worldwide pursuing lentiviral delivered therapies
  • Therapeutic development based on LentiFlash®, with internal programs for blood and liver diseases and collaborative projects

Flash Therapeutics has the ambition to contribute to cure rare and incurable diseases.

  • Flash Therapeutics faces the challenge of unmet medical needs thanks to its scientific and manufacturing platform dedicated to clinical programs. In-house discovering, developing and manufacturing include cutting-edge vector design (integrative or non-integrative), state of the art manufacturing, innovative regulatory and clinical approaches.
  • Flash Therapeutics is committed to developing such gene therapies for serious diseases as standalone or partnered programs in order to bring those therapies to patients as quickly as possible. We seek to work in a spirit of partnership with scientists, clinicians and regulatory people across the world to speed up these third millennium therapies.

Our Brand identity

Who we are ?

FLASH THERAPEUTICS is a new player in gene therapy with a new name, a new claim and a new brand identity

Why Flash  ?

The word FLASH is referring to our owner LentiFlash proprietary innovation and its therapeutic application

Why Therapeutics ?

The word THERAPEUTICS positioned our company’s eco system of this new set and our ability to develop therapeutic programs

What do you you mean by “Recoding Life, Improving Health” ?

Our Claim “Recoding Life, improving health” illustrates the societal impact and medical of our company and its ability to develop therapeutic programs with the ambition to cure rare and incurable diseases by using efficient RNA & DNA delivery tools.

What are the core values of Flash Therapeutics ?

Our company’s core values of Liberty, Collective meanings, Excellence & Responsibility have been built on 12 years of successful development & achievement of Vectalys. They are today those which underpin and govern the actions and behavior of our teams.