Flash Therapeutics will use its transformed Vectalys GMP platform expertise into clinical development for gene editing and immunotherapy programs using the LentiFlash® technology with academic & industrial partners

About us dyptiques

Our strategy of development: A continuum platform from R&D to clinic

The company’s objective is to become a leading integrated gene and cell therapy company by:

1. Building a therapeutic portfolio around LentiFlash® delivery and its biomanufacturing platform by:

  • Advancing internal programs, initially in the areas of blood and liver diseases
  • Developing therapeutics in other disease areas (e.g. cancer immunotherapy and regenerative medicine) through co-development and partnering agreements

2. Continuing to lead the global industry through its fundamental manufacturing approach which has resulted in industry leading efficiency and quality in:

  • Transfection: High transduction efficiency even in hard to transfected/transduced cells
  • Expression modulation
  • Vector particle purity
  • Transfected cell viability/phenotype preservation even in primary and stem cells

3. Providing lentiviral vector tools and manufacturing support from R&D grade through GMP grade to companies and academic institutions using integrative lentiviral vectors.

  • This therapeutic objective also requires the implementation & development of a GMP vector production facility to offer a continuum platform from R&D to clinic. This GMP vector production facility will ensure the availability of clinical grade vector batches of high quality for primary & stem cells transduction and preservation.
  • Vectalys, as the manufacturing platform of Flash Therapeutics, is engaged in a GMP lentiviral particle program that will be full operational at the beginning in 2019 in scalable GMP facilities through a signed, three-year partnership with Hospital Saint-Louis, Lariboisière, Fernand Widal (Assistance Public Hospitals of Paris AP-HP) to develop and produce gene and cell therapy drugs.

Our Know-how is part of Vectalys technological assets

  • Flash Therapeutics leverages previous Vectalys game-changing RNA delivery technology, which allows RNA delivery of genetic materials into the target cells without integration into the genomic DNA, for therapeutic purposes.
  • Based on the licensed LentiFlash® technology, Flash Therapeutics will address many diseases such as cancer, viral infections, or genetic diseases mediated by gene editing as well as immunotherapy approaches in standalone and partnered programs.
  • Considering therapeutic applications, LentiFlash® technologyshows efficiency for the delivery of genetic information in genome editing and immunotherapy. Furthermore, its short-term and efficient RNA expression could also be useful in several other applications, such as vaccination and regenerative medicines.

Advanced lentivirus-based gene delivery technologies designed to:

  • Deliver nucleic acids into cells with up to 100% efficiency
  • Transduce dividing and non-dividing immortalized, primary & stem cells

Integrated gene & cell engineering platform including:

  • Cutting-edge expression cassette design
  • State-of-the-art, in-house expertise in vector manufacturing from small to large scale production
  • Cell & tissue engineering capabilities

Our targeted therapeutic approaches are based on LentiFlash® specifications

  • Our RNA delivery tool is designed to package genetic material for a transient expression of genome editing machineries, antigens or cell specific factors. Such viral delivery system offers the advantage of a lentiviral particle combined with an important safety consideration for human use since RNAs are directly delivered and expressed into the cytoplasm, which removes any risk of integration.
  • At the time being, Flash Therapeutics is advancing research programs targeting specific  cells  in the blood (hemoglobinopathies) and in the liver (amyloidosis) using LentiFlash® particles
  • In parallel, Flash Therapeutics is negotiating partnerships and licensing agreements with pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies for the utilization, further development and global commercialization of the proprietary LentiFlash® delivery system for cancer or infectious diseases.
  • Flash Therapeutics started to work with investigators and regulators to implement the lentiviral based production process into GMP manufacturing and develop rigorous and novel LentiFlash® specifications, quality controls and readouts able to measure the feasibility and impact on derived one-time therapies.