Lentiviral Vectors : DNA delivery technology

Lentiviral vectors are gene transfer tools derived from viruses from which all pathogenic and replicative properties are removed, preserving only their gene transporting capabilities.
Flash Therapeutics produces second and third generation lentiviral vectors, increasing their safety.

Technology dyptique

Lentiviral vectors : The most versatile gene transfer tool

Several tools are available on the market for the transfer of genetic material into host cells. The 3 most commonly used are non-viral methods of transfection, adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV), and lentiviral vectors. Each method has both advantages and drawbacks for specific applications. For example, the use of AAVs for the transfer of genetic material is limited by the length of the sequence of interest and by the pseudotype ; non-viral methods of transfection can be problematic for the study of gene expression in primary cells because of cell toxicity. 

Lentiviral vectors display outstanding performances to transfer genetic material : They can be used into dividing and non-dividing cells. The copy number of a sequence that integrates into the host DNA can vary by tailoring the dosage of lentiviral vectors applied to the target cells (Multiplicity Of Infection). Integration of the selected genetic material into the host genome is always random and stable.

Transfection vs transduction
  Transfection Adenoviral associated vectors Lentiviral vectors
WT Virus No viral sequence Linear single-stranded DNA Linear single-stranded RNAs
Insert size No limit, in theory 4,5 kb 10 kb
Expression Transient Transient/Stable Stable
Specificity na Restrained to AAV capsids Ubiquitous or specific according to enveloppe protein
Genome status Episomal Episomal Integrated
Target cells Dividing Dividing and quiescent Dividing and quiescent
Applications Mostly in vitro
immortalized cells
Mostly in vivo In vitro, In vivo, Immortalized & primary cells

Advantages and drawbacks for each gene transfer tool depending on its technical characteristics.

Why choose Flash Therapeutics lentiviral vectors ?

No toxicity to target cells:

Flash Therapeutics’ purification process prevents cellular toxicity. Transducing your eukaryotic target cells with our high quality lentiviral vectors does not affect cell viability, phenotype, ability to proliferate or progress along a differentiation pathway.

100% transduction efficiency in almost all cell types:

The high concentration of Flash Therapeutics’ lentiviral vector preparations allows for 100% efficient transduction of all cell types (immortalized, primary, or stem cells), by simply tailoring the multiplicity of infection (MOI), i.e the number of lentiviral particles applied per cell. 
For immortalized cell lines, which are usually very permissive, Flash Therapeutics provides Start-grade lentiviral vector batches. For primary and stem cells, Premium-grade lentiviral vector is recommended. This level of purification allows up to 100% efficiency of even such sensitive cells. 

Key applications 

Thanks to high and stable expression, lentiviral vectors are particularly suitable for:

  • Immunotherapy approaches
  • Gene addition
  • Cell line generation

Our ready-to-use and customized Lentiviral vectors