Based on its proprietary LentiFlash® technology and its manufacturing subsidiary Vectalys, the company has potential to enable and advance the development of treatments mediated by RNA and DNA delivery for a broad range of diseases, including cancer, infectious disease and genetic diseases.

About us dyptiques

Flash Therapeutics is a gene therapy company developing gene and cell based therapies by leveraging its proprietary lentiviral delivery platform

Our lentiviral delivery platform includes DNA & RNA delivery technologies for:

  • Our own therapeutic programs to reprogram the immune system and manage immune tolerance
  • Partnerships and licensing agreements with academic, pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies for the utilization, further development and global commercialization of the proprietary LentiFlash® delivery system.

Our major asset: a game-changing RNA delivery technology named LentiFlash, for therapeutic purposes

Integrative lentiviral vectors & LentiFlash RNA delivery technologies without integration into the genomic DNA, cover a broad spectrum of gene transfer needs for cell-based medicines development.

  • Integrative lentiviral vectors lead to stable gene expression and are dedicated to gene-addition and immunotherapy applications
  • LentiFlash® technology combines the delivery efficiency of viral vectors with the safety of RNA delivery since it enables highly efficient delivery and transient expression while preserving original cell phenotype and cell viability (safe RNA delivery)

Our goal: Conduct stand-alone and partnered programs for blood and immune diseases, based on lentiviral delivered therapies

Our goal is to bring the LentiFlash technology into the clinic by 2021 to demonstrate the gene-editing based therapeutic approach benefit on the basis of a first therapeutic strategy based on gene-addition.

The key of success of our strategy is based on the delivery technology, the manufacturing and high-level clinical expertise.

The strategy includes two standalone clinical programs in partnership with an excellent academic and clinical institution and the rapid establishment of licensing agreements with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

Our strength: Vectalys, our manufacturing subsidiary

  • As a leading privately held lentiviral vector manufacturer since 2005, Vectalys provides a manufacturing continuum from discovery to clinic to speed-up programs from the scientific concept to the clinical proof of concept.
  • Both lentiviral technologies benefit from novel production and purification processes developed and continually optimized since 2005.
  • Vectalys is completing lentiviral-based research & bioproduction capabilities initially dedicated to discovery and preclinical uses with a GMP manufacturing platform dedicated to clinical use.

Our difference: a flexible innovative offer for a continuum from R&D to clinic

  • High level expertise to develop, conduct and validate custom studies, optimize and scale-up from R&D projects to clinic.
  • Flexible and adapted way for achieving the objectives required by the client.
  • Hand to hand working process with the customer teams, with listening and communication as key success factors