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Flash Therapeutics establishes its new 800 m2 biomanufacturing platform in Toulouse

Pierre Fabre
Flash Therapeutics doubles its clinical batch production capacity by 2022 and expand to large-scale batch manufacturing starting 2023

Dear Partners,


Flash Therapeutics is accelerating the ramp up of its biomanufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for gene and cell therapies. As a CDMO with 16 years expertise in lentiviral transfer technologies in DNA and RNA, we offer large scale GMP clinical batches.


Flash Therapeutics has signed a 3-year investment agreement of 15M€ with TechLife and Elaia Partners to double our infrastructure and production capacity.  This expansion has required to offer state-of-the-art capabilities in process development and manufacturing plan of lentiviral vectors.


Fully dedicated to serving customers from both research and clinical communities, this scale-up will enable us to continue to provide long-term support to all our customers and their projects, by being a key international industrial partner for gene and cell therapy programs (genetics, infectious and cancer diseases) and vaccines.


Since August 25th, we have moved our 40 employees in a module separate from that of the Pierre Fabre Innovation Centre in Toulouse (France). Here is our new address: 

Flash Therapeutics
Centre de Recherche Langlade
3 avenue Hubert Curien
31100 Toulouse - France


Pascale Bouillé, President.

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