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Creation of Vectalys: a world-leading company in the production of lentiviral solutions for Gene & Cell engineering

Set up in 2005 by Pascale Bouillé on her scientific expertise in virology and vectorology, Vectalys multidisciplinary team has built a scientific and manufacturing platform dedicated to gene and cell engineering.

First commercial contract with a leading pharmaceutical company in France


Creation of the in vivo Vectalys team to propose new offers of animal models generation from lentiviral vectors transduction.


First commercial contract with a leading pharmaceutical company in Europe.

Vectalys has focused on the development of non-integrative delivery methods based on its lentiviral platform with collaborative R&D program.

First patents on the process of production and purification of lentiviral vectors.

Vectalys has initially built its portfolio of patents on the quality of the lentiviral vector batches. The first two patent families are then respectively focused on the composition of the lentiviral batch and the resulting consequences on the target cells.

Internalization of business development team to develop the business in the US.


Launch of standard product offers distributed worldwide by Clontech & Takara Bio


Patent filling on LentiFlash technology

Vectalys develops a game-changing class of RNA carriers named LentiFlash®. A new generation of bacteriophage-driven RNA packaging system using Coat-retrovirus chimeras. First production of large-scale lentiviral batches (60ml) for a client conducting pre-clinical research programs.
2016 - 2017
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Creation of FlashCell, a spin-off of Vectalys

Vectalys set up its therapeutics unit, Flashcell and stayed focused on its manufacturing activity. Considering that safe & efficient delivery combined with manufacturing know-how is a therapeutic key of success, Vectalys has legitimately included therapeutic applications to its activities.

Vectalys sub-licensed in 2017 its new LentiFlash technology and rights to the clinical-stage biotechnology company, FlashCell, for a wide range of therapeutic applications including immunotherapy and gene editing approaches. In 2017, FlashCell carried out research programs to complete the intellectual portfolio and identify its own clinical programs.

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Creation of Flash Therapeutics, a new leading integrated gene therapy company.

A result of the merger of Vectalys & FlashCell: creation of a new leading integrated player within a new brand and a complete integrated offer, Flash Therapeutics will include both a manufacturing platform named Vectalys and a new therapeutic gene therapy unit.

Logo Vectalys by Flash Therapeutics

First lentiviral vectors GMP batch from the Vectalys GMP Manufacturing Platform of Flash Therapeutics.