Flash Track to get faster into clinical trials

Do you dream of a continuum with a short timeline? 

Flash Track has been designed to reduce total production time. Move faster to clinical trial and commercialization. 

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Flash Track follows the same principles and processes as Continuum, but achieves GMP batch faster. Our patented production and purification process guarantees highly effective viral vectors.   

Thanks to the customers we've accompanied through clinical trials and IND filing, we can advise you on the important steps to prioritize for GMP production.  With us, determine which steps are crucial to your project.


Flash Track details

Get your GMP batch in 6 months with the Flash Track.

Need to be driven with more steps ?

We understand that some projects require longer lead times for careful planning. With the Continuum we guarantee high-quality lentivirus production with meticulous attention paid to every step of the process.

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Antoinette Crooke

Antoinette Crooke - Global Account Manager

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How to choose between the Flash Track and the Continuum ?
  • Hurry : If your project requires results within a short timeframe, the Flash Track Offer is the ideal choice.
  • In-depth planning : For more complex projects requiring meticulous planning, the Continuum offer remains the preferred solution.

At Flash Therapeutics, our aim is to offer you solutions that meet your specific needs while guaranteeing exceptional quality, whatever the package you choose.