Premade lentiviral vectors

Flash Therapeutics provide ready-to-use lentiviral vectors, also called « Premade lentiviral vectors ». 

Technology dyptique

Ready-to-use lentiviral vectors : choose your type

Premade lentiviral vectors guarantees 100% transduction efficiency, even on primary and stem cells. You can transduce hard to transfect cells without cytoxicity thanks to the high purification level (even at high Multiplicity Of Infection). All those vectors are highly efficient for both in vitro and in vivo experiments.

We provides several packages for many applications and testing : 

Do you need entire lentiviral particles without gene of interest ? Check our integrating negative control vector : 

ILV-EF1a-NegControl (MCS)

Control Distibuted by Flash Therapeutics | Price upon request
Flash Therapeutics premium Integrating negative control vector
1x20μl (ILV-EF1a-NegControl-9-001) or 5x20µl (ILV-EF1a-NegControl-9-010)
Titer: 1E9 TU/ml
Negative control