Looking for clinical grade lentiviral vector ? We support you along the way

The efficacity of lentiviral vectors in pre-clinical & clinical programs brings scientists and clinicians to use high quality lentiviral vectors from discovery to clinic. Combining know-how and high tech processes, Flash Therapeutics renders small, medium and large-scale production of high quality vectors available with the same attribute specifications, from R&D grade to GMP grade.

Manufacturing dyptique

Our expertise

  • 17 years of experience
  • Specialized in lentivirus exclusively
  • High quality of lentiviral vectors
  • Robustness of our production and purification process
  • Reproducibility of results throughout the continuum/scale-up
  • Experts dedicated to each project

A tailor-made continuum from discovery to therapy

Flash Therapeutics proposes a continuum designed to coincide with the different phases of your clinical trial and regulatory requirements.
Thanks to our patented production and purification process, which remains exactly the same for both R&D-grade and GMP-grade lentiviral vectors, we guarantee the same high quality vectors from your discovery phase to your clinical phase, thereby ensuring the success of your clinical study.

Continuum steps

We support you with regular meetings to discuss milestones, project advancement, results and to define future moves.

Flash Therapeutics provides robust and phase-dedicated documents for all the manufactured batches of your GMP process.  

  • Facilities: management of physical parameters (air particles, temperature, humidity, pressure), environmental controls
  • Devices qualifications (QI, QO, QP)
  • Human Resources: Process validation through MPT (open and closed phases) and individual validation through MFT (process developed with bacteria media instead of all raw materials)
  • Raw materials: certificates of analysis, audit of providers
  • SOP / MOP: managed by the QMS

A customized Quality Control plan to fit reglementary requirements of your project

Our QC plan is validated according to our production process. We perform all standard and specific tests according to your needs. Entrust us with your project, our team will take care of everything.

A dedicated team involved at all steps of the manufacturing process to support our customer.

Flash Therapeutics helps clients determine the best suited lentiviral vector construction for their projects, so that they may obtain up to 100% target cell transduction efficiency.

By organizing regular meetings we allow everyone to understand and contribute to a synergistic workflow:

  • Technical meeting ( QCs, transgene expression assay, ...)
  • Result meeting QCs plan meeting
  • Regulatory support meeting

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