FlashRNA® Technology

FlashRNA® is a safe, transient and efficient delivery technology for the transfer of RNA molecules into any cell type. 

Technology dyptique

FlashRNA® is a biological RNA delivery technology

FlashRNA®, a non-integrative lentiviral particle dedicated to cell and gene therapy applications, allows:

  • A safe and efficient RNA delivery technology
  • A delivery of multiple RNA species
  • A fast expression of your sequence(s) of interest 
  • A transient RNA expression 
LentiFlash® particles

FlashRNA® : RNA-delivery system based on a bacteriophage-lentivirus chimera

FlashRNA® is constructed using a bacteriophage coat protein and its cognate 19-nt stem loop, to replace the natural lentiviral Psi packaging sequence, in order to achieve active mRNA packaging into the lentiviral particles (Prel et al, Mol Ther 2015 DOI10.1038/mtm.2015.39 ).

FlashRNA® suspensions are produced using Flash Therapeutics process, as for conventional lentiviral vectors, also resulting in highly pure and concentrated vectors.

LentiFlash rna delivery system

As it is a biological RNA transfer technology, FlashRNA® particles cannot be titrated in IG/mL. Therefore FlashRNA® are titrated using a p24 method, and titers are provided in µg p24 / mL.

Safe and efficient RNA delivery

FlashRNA® particles are VSV-G pseudotyped and highly purified. These two criteria make FlashRNA® very efficient for the transfer of biologically active RNAs into various cell types including immortalized, primary, stem and iPS cells.
FlashRNA® is a safe RNA delivery technology since it preserves the original cell phenotype, cell proliferation and differenciation ability and a full cell viability.

Transient and fast expression

FlashRNA® delivers RNAs directly into the cell cytoplasm, rendering RNAs rapidly bioavailable, which lead to a high, fast (as early as 4h post-transduction)  expression of your sequence of interest. These assets make FlashRNA® particularly suitable to carry antigens, reprogrammation factors or CRISPR/Cas9 system into cells of interest, while preserving original cell phenotype and viability. 


Short-term and transient expression using FlashRNA® (formerly LentiFlash®), varying according to the half-life of the protein of interest
To learn more, please see our Nature publishing group paper.

Key applications

Thanks to the high and short-term expression of transferred RNAs, FlashRNA® is particularly suitable for:

  • Vaccination and Immunotherapy approaches
  • Gene editing
  • Regenerative medicine

Our ready-to-use and customized FlashRNA® particles