LentiFlash® used by the Karolinska Institute to correct HGPS mutation


Discover this Nature Communications paper describing how LentiFlash® RNA particles can be safely used to correct efficiently the Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome mutation and improve skin phenotype in HGPS mice.

The correction was established in 20.8% to 24.1% of skin cells through in vivo injection. Four weeks post delivery, the HGPS skin phenotype was improved and clusters of progerin-negative keratinocytes were detected, indicating that the mutation was corrected in both progenitor and differentiated skin cells.

Flash Therapeutics cloned ABEmax VQR and sgRNA provided by the Karolinska Institute into expression plasmids and produced LentiFlash® “LF-ABE” particles that were concentrated and purified to be injected into mice. 

Read the paper on Nature Communications