Lentiviral vectors and LentiFlash® are fully customizable

Flash Therapeutics offers several levels of purification and various options to best fit your project. We guarantee a very high level of transduction, no induced toxicity or cell damage. 

Technology dyptique

Your Genes of interest to custom your Lentiviral Vectors

Flash Therapeutics offers many possibilities for the production of LentiFlash® particles and Lentiviral Vectors carrying your gene(s) of interest :

  • Any sequence of interest can be carried: shRNA, sgRNA, mRNA... (multiple sequences can be carried in a single LentiFlash particle).
  • Select other elements as needed: fluorescent reporters, bioluminescent reporter, antibiotic resistance, tag….
  • Limit of 10kb for the encapsidation of the full cassette of interest.
  • Choose your promoter of choice among constitutive (EF1a, CMV) or inducible (TRE3G), ubiquitous or   Fichier pdf specific (tissue-specific, cell-state specific, differentiation pathway specific, …).