cGMP lentiviral vector manufacturing facility to produce gene and cell therapy drugs

Our cGMP manufacturing facility is located in Toulouse, south of France, on the Langlade Innovation center. Our building is close to the airport, allowing us to ship our vectors anywhere in the world.

Dyptique Toulouse

Production site

Flash Therapeutics’ own GMP facility in Toulouse for bioproduction.

Site PF - Flash Therapeutics

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Production Capacities adapted to the scale-up of volumes and quantities

Through its lentiviral manufacturing platform, Flash Therapeutics currently provides small scale GMP lentiviral vector batches for phase I/II clinical trials. In order to provide medium and large scale GMP lentiviral vector batches, Flash Therapeutics has increased its GMP production capacities.

  Production capacities
R&D grade manufacturing

Facility divided into:

> Area for quality control activities (BSL2, BSL1, qPCR...) 

> Clean rooms dedicated to cell culture, QCs and cell line development 

> Clean rooms dedicated to vector manufacturing including process development using bioreactor 

> Storage areas (RT, +4°C, -80°C, -150°C) 

GMP grade manufacturing

Cleanroom divided into:
> Areas in B class dedicated to cell culture and expansion 
> Area in B class for media preparation 
> Area in B class for fill & finish 
> Room in C class dedicated to vector manufacturing, divided in 3 suites including 1 for bioreactor

> Storage area in C class 

> Storage area (RT, +4°C, -80°C)



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