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Leni Hector - Lentiviral Vector Mascot

Leni Hector,
Mascot for Flash Therapeutics since 2023

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How are Flash Therapeutics lentiviral vectors different from other lentiviral vectors ?

Flash Therapeutics has developed a proprietary purification platform for lentiviral vectors production. Purification levels are tailored to the target cell type. We generate high titer and highly pure lentiviral particles that do not affect cell viability and proliferation.

How much experience Flash Therapeutics has in lenti manufacturing ?

Flash Therapeutics, formerly known as Vectalys, has built its reputation over the last 18 years in lentivirus production. With over 9000 batches produced for 200 customers around the world, FTX's know-how guarantees the success of your projects. 
Whether it's R&D, pre-clinical or GMP, we're here to support you.